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Sumaiya Khatun
Aug 03, 2022
In General Discussion
Example of an account where the simplified account structure method is applied: Example of an account where the simplified account structure method is applied With the simplified account structure method, all lookalike target groups have been placed in a campaign. Although each group has its own ad sets, by also using Campaign Budget Optimization you ensure that Facebook divides the budget over the best performing ad set(s). But with the advent of smart bidding strategies and algorithms, with such an extensive account you only make it more complicated for the system to do its job properly. For example, by looking at whether you can combine target groups in an account, you ensure that the amount of ad sets/campaigns decreases. This allows the algorithm to learn faster to deliver stable results, allowing you to scale up sooner. Also read: 7 tips for a Facebook ad that does get clicked 3. Campaign Budget Optimization This functionality job function email list has caused quite a stir in the world of Facebook marketing. With Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) you no longer work with budgets at ad set level, but at campaign level. Where previously ad set budgets (ABO) were the standard, we manually gave a budget to an ad set. Then you might notice every now and then that not the entire budgets were spent. Or that an ad set did not perform well at all and you therefore started shifting budgets to get optimal results. Campaign Budget Optimization With CBO, this is no longer necessary, this entire process is actually automated on the basis of machine learning. The algorithm distributes the budget (campaign level) in a way that best suits your objectives. Do you want to get maximum conversions? Then the algorithm will spend the most budget in the ad set that gets the highest number of conversions. Do you mainly want to work on CPA or ROAS?
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Sumaiya Khatun

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